All Travel Products on a Single Platform

Multireisen is the only travel solution with all products - flights, hotels, car rental, transfer, cruises and others in one booking engine for Travel Agents, Tour Operators & TMC


Best Price and Widest Inventory
Our engine offers the best price for travel products: For flights due to global fares from 82 BSP. For hotels due to maximum number of suppliers who compete to offer you the best price.


Richest Content for Flights
Multi GDS integration + 900 regular airlines and 200 low cost carriers across the world + global fares from 82 sale point members all over the world + domestic flights

Dramatic Increase of Profit 
Our engine gives you a chance to have the cheapest rates and, thus, increase your margin dramatically due to global fares that are coming from 82 countries.

Entire Booking System
Entire booking management system is your single point of control for all your bookings with filters, statistics, invoices with your logo, price settings and loyalty program and etc.

Solutions for Everyone
Solutions for SME to work under our logo + Solutions for TMC, tour operators, large online travel agencies, business travel companies to work under your logo and domain
Ready Business in One Week
Are you fed up with the excuses of third-party developers or has already spent much money but can’t see light at the end of the tunnel – contact us! 
Free Registration
By registering for free as B2B in our engine, you start your sales of travel products for your clients. We offer you Back Office, Loyalty program, business analytics and even more.

24/7 Support
Our call center provides you the full support. We speak in 5 languages. Our live chat for each booking will help you to deal with any issues instantly.

No need for large investments and much time: infrastructure is ready +we hold contracts with the world’s biggest suppliers! No need to hold deposits on dozens of accounts.
Automatic Ticketing and Voiding
Our eingine is fully automated. The issue of tickets is also not the exception! In our engine the issue if tickets is automatic too, and thus, immediate. Your clients do not wait!

Additional Airlines
Besides the widest inventory, you can possess the contracts with those airlines, that you do not have BSP of. Our fares are from 82 sales point members and they comptete to give you the best price - take it! 

Automatic Update of the Platform
We constantly improve our booking engine! All our clients and partners have their Multireisen platforms updated automatically. New functions, new features and new designs are immediately displayed within their Multireisen platforms.
Work under Your Logo, Brand and Voucher
Build strong customer relationships by using the reliable booking engine under your logo, domain, brand and even your voucher. Your clients will stay with you as they know where the bookings come from – YOU.

Back Office
Use your Back Office efficiently! Add your office profile, and determine the user access level and buyer groups. Operate independently with your currency settings, payment gateways, pricing module, B2C and VIP users, invoices. Control your business via financial report and business analytics.