Use our iFrame on your website!

  • The entire booking process is on your website

  • Vouchers and Invoices are under you brand

Does your website have a visually friendly search box that allows your clients to make a booking straight away? If not, our iFrame is a suitable solution for you. It allows your clients to start their search on your website straight away, stay there during the entire booking process, receive the ticket with your logo and contact data instantly. Our iFrame offers your clients rich variety of travel services and helps to encourage them to make further bookings from your website!


  •  Immediate access to 450+ global suppliers
  •  Automatic issue of tickets
  •  Automatic voiding
  •  Automatic cancellation
  •  Vouchers and invoices with YOUR logo
  •  Back Office to set up mark-up and more
  •  24/7 support for the bookings via live chat


You will have a Back Office at your disposal in order to control all your bookings and business settings. There you can add your mark-up, define the currency you would like to work with as well as preferable payment gateways and more. Make sure that you fill in all the information, as it opens you more opportunities to optimize your business. For example, if you upload your logo, it displays automatically on the vouchers and invoices. The same goes to the default email and name, and bank details. This allows you to keep your clients! Ticketing and voiding are automatic on our platform

Booking process on your web

    Your logo and contact data  

200+ suppliers worldwide